Work Fun

I am sure that in every work place there are those people that take five seconds to just have some fun throughout the day. Whether it be through a quick coffee break or snapping a quick photo about your day, everyone needs those small breaks.

As for me, I usually find my small breaks in the form of snapping a quick photo to describe how the shift is going. Or if I’m working with someone awesome, it’s a must to get a picture with them. That is exactly what happened a couple of weeks ago at work. As everyone is aware, Black Friday was just recently upon us and working in retail, the store must be prepped and ready! Well that was my job for the evening. I had to get the store ready for the upcoming business that was expected to hit. Along with about four coworkers, we worked to prepare for the worst and in the midst of doing so, I decided to take a quick picture to capture the fun.

My coworker Jackie and I were running around like crazy completing different tasks but at one point, our paths crossed. So what else should be done other than taking a quick photo? Well that’s what we did. To capture the fun that we were having and the fact that we hardly work together, we posed for quick picture in the fitting rooms. It was a moment that showed that even when things are stressful, there’s always time for some fun with friends while working.



Those Puppy Eyes

Everyone knows how enjoyable a puppy can be. They can be cute and fluffy and they make excellent sleeping partners when they’re all tuckered out for the day. Well recently, I have acquired a new little companion by the name of Lola.

Lola is only about eight weeks old and is the only girl among all the boys from her litter. She is a mini Australian Shepherd and is one little ball of energy. The best thing about her is that there are two other dogs in the household and she has become the little sister to them. They pounce and play with her all day long and have learned how to play with her easily to where she doesn’t get hurt. And trust me, if she gets a little too rough, the other dogs are not afraid to bite back and she learns her lesson quickly.

But aside from all of the playing, she is full of love and all she wants are kisses and cuddles. She will gladly lay in your lap and let you rub her belly. And what makes it even better is that she has many spots that make her go crazy and kick her legs just like other dogs do. She may be a lot to handle but she is all mine and that is what I love about her.puppy

The Show Must Go On

Ever since high school, my friends and I have attended the shows at the Muny in Forest Park every summer. The shows are always changing but they are always just as good. Fortunately for my friends and I, we have a friend that we grew up with who does these shows regularly and it is quite amazing to see.

There is always something special about seeing a friend on stage and being able to say “I know that person!”. It makes you not only feel extremely happy for said friend but it also makes you proud to know that you have someone in your life that is doing so well.

This past summer, the Muny had a showing of Young Frankenstein which is quite a comical show. Once we found out that our friend had been auditioning, we wanted to know what part or parts he had gotten and for what shows. So we quickly got our phones and found out and come to find out, he had gotten a part in Young Frankenstein. Immediately, we bought out tickets for a night so that we could see our friend perform.

Now this friend of ours is someone that I have known for my entire life and I have never seen him perform professionally because currently he lives in New York City. So this chance to see him was not one that I was going to pass up. I was so excited when he stepped out onto the stage and to hear him sing is even better. It sent chills down my spine to know that it was my friend that people were in awe of.

The show was quite amazing and our friend did an amazing job. Afterwards, we all waited just so we could get a picture with him for that day that he becomes really famous.


Best Friends…No Matter How Far

Everyone always has that one friend that we all have for a lifetime. Although friends come and go, there is always one that will be there for you through thick and thin. That is who my best friend Spencer is.

Spencer and I have been through everything together. We have both been there for one another through break ups and even family issues. We met back in high school but from the get go, you could tell that this would be a friendship to last. But like every friendship, there are always the tough times too. But you can always tell someone is a true friend when despite whatever happens, you hug it out and cry a little bit and then laugh.

About 3 years ago, Spencer got engaged and then seven months later she was married. Her husband is in the Marines and sadly they had to move away. As someone who has left their family and moved away, I know what it is like to have someone you love move. But the experience was different because the person who I ran to for everything was no longer going to be at my back door for me to run to. Now I have to call or Facetime to talk which isn’t the easiest thing to do. With busy schedules and both of us living lives of our own, times are tough.

But no matter the distance, I know that if I truly needed her for anything, she would be back here in a heartbeat. The distance can’t keep us apart and true phone calls aren’t the best, but you can bet that we still have those hour long phone calls to talk about nothing just like we used to.

This a picture that we took together the last time that she was home.


Merch Galore

During my time working at Disney, I spent some time back behind Splash Mountain organizing merchandise for the stores located in the area. Pretty much my job required me to stock the stores and make sure they had all the merchandise they needed.

But some of the stores were busier than others and did not require too much work. But despite there not being much work to be done, there was still a lot of merchandise to go through. Roughly about every two hours, there would be a list that of merchandise purchased that would need to be replenished on the floor. This would normally take about an hour or so to complete, depending on the day. I always thought of it as a mini shopping trip. I would get to go behind the store to the stock room and the walls are line with shelves that are covered in different merchandise. I would start in the front and go down the list to find the items.

During this little mini shopping trip, I was alone and able to just take my time. But what made it really unique is to see all of the merchandise that is stored in such a small place. Because Disney is who they are, they know how to make the most out of smaller spaces. So the space that held all of this merchandise somehow was able to hold enough merchandise to fill everything on the shelves in the actual store twice. So it was like walking through a huge land filled with Disney characters in plush form!

Overall, when I would see a stock shift for the stores come across my schedule, I was happy. It meant that the work was minimal and I could have a stress free day despite being surrounded by an abundance of Disney merchandise.

Pictured is a picture that I took of one of the backrooms of the store called Briar Patch.


It All Started With What?

So I am sure that from reading some previous blogs, anyone can see that I am a Disney fan. And I am sure that as anyone knows, there is a famous phrase that goes along with the company. That well known phrase is none other than “It all started with a mouse.”.

This famous phrase is very well known to anyone that know anything about the company. When Walt Disney first started the company, his first creation was that of Mickey Mouse. From there the company took off and Mickey himself became famous. Although the Mickey that you see today has had some alterations done to it, it is still the same character that everyone has come to love.

Perhaps what is the most fascinating is that this company that started with one simply drawing of a mouse is now known world wide. With not only two parks here in the United States but also one in Europe and three across Asia, it is remarkable to see how the company has grown. Along with the parks, movies and merchandise, it is billion dollar company and when it all began, it was just a man from Missouri who drew a mouse.

It goes to show that even small things can turn into something huge and it is a good representation of how it can be done.

This is a picture I took of the Walt and Mickey statue at Magic Kingdom in Florida.


Halloween or Christmas?

Every year, there is an annual debate between friends and even social media of whether or not The Nightmare Before Christmas is considered a Halloween movie or Christmas movie. There are those that say Halloween because it is about a skeleton and many other Halloween creatures. Then there are those that say it’s a Christmas one because the skeleton man decides to try and steal Christmas. But right in the middle is where I stand along with many others that say it is considered both.

Yes it may involve people from a Halloween themed town but it also has characters from a town that is all about Christmas. Does it have a  semi-dark side to it? Well of course it does but that doesn’t make it just a Halloween movie. What makes it both is the fact that it has both holidays mixed in and that it represents both. You have the King of Halloween and you have the King of Christmas. Both holidays represented in completely unique ways. And the fact that both of them cross over into one another makes it even more interesting. Makes me wonder what a Halloween themed Christmas would look like? Would it be both spooky but yet thrilling and joyous like it is in the movie?

As you can see from the picture below, I really enjoy the movie.


Tattoos…Good or Bad?

When it comes to the topic of tattoos, there are different views on people getting them. Some are against them because a tattoo is not professional and while I agree with that, I think that they can be done in a professional manner. I have three tattoos and all of mine can be easily covered. However, all of my tattoos represent me in a special way and represent me as a person.

One of my tattoos is the initials of CLJ. It is on the inner side of my upper arm and the initials are very near to my heart. They are the initials of my grandfather whom I get my middle name from. I was extremely close to my grandfather and I am exactly like him in many ways. My mom constantly talks about how much I remind her of him in my actions and just my behaviors in general. He passed away in 2005 from his battle with cancer and at the time I was only 13. So in honor of my grandfather, I got the tattoo when I was 21.

But the letters are not the only thing that are unique about the tattoo. The design of the letters themselves are in Disney writing. This is for a couple of reasons. One is because Walt Disney and I share the same birthday. On the other end of that, Walt died on my grandfather’s birthday. And of course, there is the fact that I worked for the company for a few years.

But overall, I have made the decision that when I get a tattoo, they will only be meaningful tattoos that represent me as a person rather than just getting something completely random on my body.

Pictured is my tattoo right after I got it.


999 Happy Haunts

One of my all time favorite attractions at Disney is that of the Haunted Mansion. For those who have never been on it, it is a ride that takes you through the old abandoned house of Master Gracey who has since departed this world. He leaves behind his mansion which has multiple different rooms for one to explore.

The ride starts off by give you a nice little background on what the mansion is and what goes on inside. It makes sure that you are well aware it is now “haunted” by many different ghastly ghouls. After the short introduction, a Doombuggy arrives in the foyer to pick you up and begin the tour. Throughout the ride, you get to see the library, the endless staircase room and there is even a dinner party going on with dancing and music. But they save the creepiest for the end…the graveyard. Here you can find all of the ghosts having a party and just hanging out as ghosts do.

But the best surprise of all is are three little ghosts who are trying to hitch a ride. Notoriously named after such that, the Hitchhiking Ghosts will pop in the buggy with you to play a practical joke on you. They with switch your heads with the person next to you or they even make it disappear completely. And before you leave, they are sure to send you off with great reminder. They currently have 999 haunts in the mansion and they are always looking to make it an even 1000.

Pictured is the outside of the Haunted Mansion which I took.


Columbus Fun

Over the summer, I worked for an advertising company working random campaigns for different clients. At the end of July, I was sent to Columbus, OH to help with the Duke’s Mayonnaise Taste Tour. It was a lot of fun and I had never been to Columbus so it was a cool adventure.

While we were there, we had a booth set up at a BBQ festival that ran from Friday through Sunday. When we arrived on Thursday to get everything set up, we were right in the middle of a bridge that dropped you off in a park. Behind us was the entire city of Columbus and it was a really cool picturesque moment, especially for someone who had never been. Many tourists stopped and took pictures with the backdrop and come around 6pm when the sun was setting, the city was gorgeous. The skyscrapers combined with the colors in the sky made it really cool. But people were not just stopping for the cityscape background. Right behind our trailer, hanging out on the bridge was a huge deer structure. The way that it was positioned on the railing made it look like it was a deer that had just stopped by and was hanging out, taking in the city.

So many people stopped to take their picture with it. There were people that were riding bikes and stopped to look at it and there were also tourists that stopped to see it. I know that every city has their random pieces of public art but I had never seen one like this before. There was no plaque or anything that stated what it represented or who had constructed it. It was just there by itself with nothing else around it.

Public works of art always makes me wonder what someone was thinking when they come up with an idea. I am not an artist whatsoever but public art usually represents something and I have researched online to see what it stands for but there is no explanation. I guess it will always be a mystery to me.

Here is the picture I took of the deer.